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Fraction is a boutique strategy, technology, and cybersecurity advisory firm that partners with clients large and small to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their enterprises. We bring practical technology, cybersecurity, and risk management experience to bridge knowledge gaps on making sound, risk-based decisions and investments.

Fractional CTO/CISO

Ongoing, need-based advisement as an extension of your existing team with flexible support for evolving needs

Private Capital Intelligence

Market fit, technology due diligence, and strategic insights for private capital investments

Fractional CTO/CISO

Security Consulting Services

Security Consultation Session

1-on-1 or 1-to-Many security consultation session where you can ask any security-related questions or advice. If you are not sure where to begin, this is the place to start.

Security Questionnaire Review

Review 3rd party security questionnaire with you on a 2 hour conference call and provide guidance on how to interpret and answer appropriately for your company.

Security Questionnaire Review & External Support

All of the above for the Security Questionnaire Review, but we will act as an external support for a two week period to actively communicate and negotiate with the 3rd party security team. The goal is to understand and prioritize their concerns and reach an achievable state for your company to remediate risks.

Security Governance & Policies Services

Security Whitepaper

Documentation of your security practices and policies detailed in a whitepaper for your product, service, or company.

Security Policies

Tailored cybersecurity policies for your organization created by experts who have written enterprise cybersecurity policies and who have worked with enterprise audit teams and regulators.

Fractional CISO

Fractional CISO - Lite

Guided, part-time cybersecurity leadership when you need it. I will function as a remote resource to the company and provide references to best practices and guidance on current and future initiatives.

Fractional CISO - Standard

All of the above, but with more time and focus to get your company's program where it needs to be. This is a more in-depth approach to security for your organization, with more opportunity to focus on security strategy and reduction of risk.

Fractional CISO - Complete

All of the above, but with complete ownership and accountability of the cybersecurity program internally and externally at your company. Outsource the strategy and day-to-day oversight of your security program, employees, contractors, and third parties performing cybersecurity related responsibilities.

Fractional CTO

Technology Strategy Review

Get an independent review of your company's currently technology strategy with an eye towards streamlining your technology operations, implementations, and integrations to get the most value out of your investments.

Fractional CTO - Lite

All of the above, but with strategic technology oversight and guidance on how best to leverage technology to enable your business objectives at a fraction of the time and cost.

Private Capital Intelligence

Market Insights

Market fit and strategic insights for private capital investments in the technology, cybersecurity, fraud/AML/KYC product spaces. In-depth knowledge of the economics of technology purchases and lifecycles of products at the enterprise customer level from the enterprise buy-side perspective.

Technology & Risk Due Diligence

Technology risk evaluation to help buyers make more transparent decisions and plan accordingly. Get help navigating how cybersecurity and data privacy management applies to your firm and portfolio companies to reduce risk and increase business agility