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Cybersecurity and risk management are some of the most important business problems, but you don't have to solve them alone. You need support from people who understand the full scope of your challenges, both technical and human-centric. Fraction is that support; let us help you navigate today's complex landscape with confidence.

Fraction's enterprise, world-class cybersecurity and technology insights help companies who are solving some of the world's greatest problems with very real challenges in the technology, cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory spaces. We know that technology solutions alone cannot solve most problems; applying the right combination of approach, attitude, customer-orientation, and curiosity to the problem is often more important than technology itself.

What We Bring

  • Problem Solving 91%

  • Customer Orientation 100%

  • Intellectual Curiosity 87%

  • Transparency 100%

Team Member

Mike Privette

Founder & Managing Principal

Mike is a strategic cybersecurity and risk management professional with over 15 years of progressive experience leading cybersecurity programs in the Financial Services industry. Mike has built and lead several security organizations by leveraging a broad range of experience in the security engineering, architecture, and operations fields. Before starting Fraction Consulting, Mike built, scaled, and led highly functional and globally distributed technology teams at several Fortune 500 companies such as Truist Financial, BB&T, MetLife, and Ally Financial.